How To Grow in the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria

How To Grow in the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria

How To Grow in the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria is one thing that majority has not really looked into, looking at this century where entertainment is the order of the day. A lot of people are really scaling through and making a good income from this area or industry as far as Nigeria is concern.

Growing in the entertainment industry is very important and the good thing about it is that you can either trade in this industry as full time or part-time. No matter how, you will still make your money and grow in it.

Every industry has it’s norms and can be successful only and only if you know the secrets on how to succeed in the industry.

What is Entertainment

Entertainment is anything or any form of amusement or diversion usually provided by performers. In another word, Entertainment is anything one does to either attract or distract one’s attention which is appealing to all the sensory organs.

Let’s break it down, anything you do to put smile on people’s face which distracting them is also entertainment.

The Entertainment industry is one that has brought so much development to the society direct and indirectly. looking at the direct means of developing the society, it has created jobs, and it has brought about tourism. The indirect means is through motivating individuals to do something for the society and or motivate them to conquer their fears.

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Types and or Forms of Entertainment

There are different forms of entertainment which includes

  • Acting
  • playing musical instruments
  • singing
  • comedy
  • blogging


Acting is a form of Entertainment whereby actors and or actress come together to display an action to represent a real life form. in acting, the actors and actresses tells a story to people who watch and appreciates their act.

Playing Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments is another form of Entertainment which is mainly used in churches and all form of occasion or events where music is been played or song been sang. some musical instruments when played, it goes a long way to appeal to the soul. it helps individuals to appreciate the intention behind the song.


Singing is a form of Entertainment,where musicians entertain people by singing songs which motivate them to do things good, strong, difficult etc


Comedy is another form of Entertainment which is currently trending now, with comedy, people are made to laugh and forget their sorrows. one good thing about comedy is that it makes you laugh all the time

Entertainment Blogging

This is a way or means whereby bloggers inform the masses what is actually happening in the Entertainment industry by publishing stories of such on their blogs.

How To Grow in the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria

To grow in the entertainment industry, it requires skills and talents and it also requires your ability to know and understand what is happening in and around your region.

As we have looked at the different types or forms of entertainment, the question now comes How To Grow in the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria ?

You can grow by been part of the system and contributing your quota. this industry is the biggest industry with the highest traffic compared to any other industries.  so to be part of it you must be very good with social media and must be connected to internet. You must also discover your own talent and find way to promote yourself using social media and leveraging gathering or events to showcase yourself.

Majority of people are really making it big in this industry through comedy drama and saying of funny things. This people have used the social media to grow themselves and their brands.

So if you really want to start and grow in this industry, social media is very important.  The power of social media is very influential in growing any brands and making it a selling point for other businesses to leverage on.



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