What You Need To Know About 2019 Election In Nigeria

2019 Election In Nigeria

Few weeks away from the 2019 general election and below we will be talking about What You Need To Know About 2019 Election In Nigeria.

As you all know that the Nigerian political dispensation elapses every four years and this year we are planning of holding another election whereby new elected leaders will be sworn-in by May 29th. This coming general elections is going to go a long way in positioning Nigeria. it will either make our country better or worst.

Wether we like it or not, no man prays for a bad government because every elected government is going to bring policies which will either favor the masses or hurt the masses and that is why will must shine our eyes very well.

Let me advice you, do not collect money to vote the wrong people in but join hands together to campaign and vote those who you think are worthy of our votes.

Always have it in mind that the future of this country matters a lot to our unborn generation unless you don’t want a generation that will succeed you or that will exist then you can sell your conscience.


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What You Need To Know About 2019 Election In Nigeria

The 2019 general elections will take place starting with the presidential election on 16th of February has about 15 presidential candidates who are vying for the number one position in the country.

This 15 presidential candidates if not all but majority are well known, which means from your accessing you can be able to tell which is a better candidate to take Nigeria to the next level in the next 4yrs.

When voting, make sure you’re voting away poverty, corruptions etc and vote in people who can develop Nigeria and create an enabling environment for every Any mistakes we make now, will go a long way to affect us in every way come the next 4yrs and that is more reasons, you need to vote with your conscience.

For the past 3yrs, Nigeria as a country has experienced a lot, we have experienced an unproductive government that has promised us heaven and earth, we have experienced a government that made so many people to loose their sources of income and not only that we have experienced a government that has lead us into hunger.

But the truth is that this government has made us to be productive by helping so many to remove their mentality from paid jobs and start thinking of self-employment and to me it is a good thing. the one bad effect of it is that the rate at which the youths enter money rituals is alarming since they only way to get business going is to source for money.

In summary all What You Need To Know About 2019  Election In Nigeria is that, you must think of safety first in all you’re doing because the elections used to be very bloody in some areas in the country. Most of this bloody areas are areas where snatching of ballot papers are done in other to rig election to favour a preferred person and as such we advice you ;

you must make sure that you avoid any form of violence during this election and you must not participate in any violence because of your life.

after voting, please go home straight to avoid stories that touches the heart as the case may be

Finally, Nigeria is a great country and we must support our leaders no matter who enters there. we must learn to be outspoken whenever the needs arises and we must try our best to give the best to all who seek our services.

God bless Nigerians. God bless Nigeria


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